UVcut mask 2pcs off-white Non-disposable

  • 1,216円(税込)
型番 Tー56 


  • UV cut mask (99% UV shielding rate)Our masks are designed for protecting against strong UV in summer !
    By using the material for triple UV protection, both inside and outside,You are safe from strong ultraviolet in summer.

  • Ideal for nasolabial fold (cleft lip nose)measures and fair skin measuresIt is said that the cause of the nasolabial fold and drying and ultraviolet rays

  • Used for skin side cloth with a mesh structure good breathable contact feeling of cold fibersGood feeling with not stuffy to fit even in midsummer.

  • Can be used over and over again to wash, UV cut mask.Over the edge, the tape hardly deteriorated even after repeated washing,Ear will not be hurt even if I wear it for a long time.
    Can be adjusted in length, excellent fit! Trace of the mask is not left even after wearing.

Color2 pieces of sale set includes off-white
MaterialMask material part 100% cotton surface.Inside 70% Rayon 30% Polyester
Musk Sizeregular size (same type, same size as the mask moisturizing)The size of the cloth part, slightly bigger bottom Ooeru from eye completely.
Vertical (mask center part) 13.5cm. Side (mask center part) 19.0cm
Product Coontry(It has been sewn under Ho Chi Minh City Japanese engineer) Vietnam sewing: mask body
DeliveryThe carriage 180 yen only if mail service! I will ship by the black cat email service special delivery.

Care method

Please wash your hands with a mild detergent.
(Please avoid the use of the washing machine, the dryer.)
Please dry in a well-ventilated place after hand washing.
For 100% cotton, wrinkles will occur somewhat table cloth after washing
When I hit an iron, it becomes restored,
You can use any number of times.


  • Due to the nature of the (display) computer monitor, the color of the product photograph, there is it when it seems that it is slightly different from the color of the actual products.
    Please note.

  • Optional "anti-virus filter for moisturizing mask (6 pieces)",If you take advantage of "cold, pollen filter mask moisturizing (6 pieces)" the (560 yen each, two sets of pieces)
    You can use anti-virus mask, as pollen measures mask.



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